(Poster)  Dr. Bela Gyurcsik
Essential metal ions in human biology – from metal ions to metalloenzymes
Speaker: Dr. Bela Gyurcsik (Associate Professor, University of Szeged, Hungary)
Date: Thursday, July 28
Time: 17:00 -18:30
Venue: Room 706, the Lab of Adv. Res A bldg.
Note: This seminar is part of WSLS series.
The biological evolution of elements lead to selection of essential metal ions in living organisms. Thermodynamic, kinetic and structural aspects of the metal complexes of bioligands contribute to understanding the above process, and the role of these metal ions played at various levels of life. The potential of combined chemical, physical and biological methods will be exemplified through results obtained in studies on hydrolytic metalloenzymes. The information obtained in this way enlights how the biomolecules can tune the metal ion properties and vice versa, leading to their ultimate functions.